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Thanks Keigan.

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> Keigan here on Kevin's account, because that is the one that is
> and that is how things have to work now.
> It's taken a few days to work up to writing this.  You were right Belle,
> does still bring up tears.  Kendra has been gone 6 years but it seems like
> just yesterday most of the time, she was one of my best friends for a long
> time.
> She would be so pleased to hear how highly everyone thought of her but
> amused as well to hear how 'saintly' she has become . ;P  She was a very
> wonderful person but hardly perfect and quite quick to point that out.
> hated pressure. ;P)  She just enjoyed life whenever and wherever she
> She was very much a Southern Lady, alway as polite as was needed but
> let something that needed saying go unsaid.  However she never missed a
> chance for mischief either.  She seemed to smile most of the time, but I
> always convinced it was to make people wonder what she was up to.
> Actually anytime I start down the road of putting her on a pedestal in my
> memory it seems I hear Cole or JP(Thistle and Wyborn's boy) in the kitchen
> burping their name or the alphabet.  Guess where they learned THAT!!! Yup
> the event Kelandra was talking about where she met Ian.  I was busy
> up the dishes when I hear Kendra calling the boys over.  I figured as 3
> olds they were up to mischeif and she was going to get after them, but
then I
> hear, "Aunty Kay has something to teach you, here, take in a big deep
> yeah like that....."  By the time I realized what she was up to it was too
> late!  She was always quite pleased with herself over that.
> People always talk about chocolate and how she liked it, but her real love
> was cheesecake.  You'll have to ask some of the guys who were around then
> about her eating cheesecake for them, cause I don't think I am allowed to
> write things like that here where underage people can read them.
> Most people have said they never saw her angry, well, she may not have
> it much in public, but she got that way.  Not as often as some, and she
> to show it, but it happened.  She just refused to let it complicate her
>  That meant that either the person she was angry with ( and they usually
> deserved it) had won or that the anger had won and she wasn't going to let
> that happen.  She wasn't a quitter, EVER!  She always prefered simplicity
> that is what she strived to acheive.  Anger just got in the way of that.
>   She went barefoot most of the time, kept her close to the earth, just
> simple, but so beautiful from the inside out.  Her eyes were so much the
> window to her soul.  I wish you could have seen them, you would have truly
> known who she was thru them I think.  There is just too much to tell you
> here, catch me sometime at an event, late while I have something to drink
> I'll fill you in more if you want.  Tho I have probably said more than any
> one wanted already.
> I never had a sister, Kendra was my chosen sister and I could not have
> any better if I had auditioned them first!  And I can hear her plain as
> now saying  " I don't know what all this fuss is about, I am just a
> harmless, middleaged Mom".  Don't let her fool you.  :P
> Keigan
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