[Northkeep] SCA History (was HE Rumil's dates)

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Tue Dec 4 08:24:38 PST 2001

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>I have a few SCA-History questions....
>When did the SCA start calling the years Ano
>When did the awards and the Heraldic "tier" structure
>start (Like this award is an AoA level, this is a
>Grant and soforth...)?
>When did the college of Heralds actually start? What
>was their original use? Was it to register names and
>devices- or scrolls and stuff?
>Who has more questions, but will wait....

So, is it just the friends I attract?  questions are so much fun, probably
even more fun than having definate answers, I love the ones that spawn an
exponential number of new questions to explore.  I am looking forward to
the answers to these questions, as I have pondered these but they are so
down the list that they hadn't been asked yet.  (yes it is terrifing that
with all the questions I ask, that they are just the very tip of the
iceburg of the things that I ponder)

Susan the Curious
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

oh, I get a scooby snack as I estimated the SCA dates right when I sent
them to Isa right after she asked...  The SCA was 1 and 2 months when I was
born, so I can actually keep this one strait.  So Miri, just remember the
SCA is 5 months older than John/Crimthon...

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