[Northkeep] SCA History (was HE Rumil's dates)

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BTW, some interesting sites.
(History of the Kingdom of the West) http://history.westkingdom.org/

>When did the SCA start calling the years Ano Societatus?

I can't actually find WHEN it started.  At least by AS 3, when the Society
was incorporated.

> > >When did the awards and the Heraldic "tier" structure
> >start (Like this award is an AoA level, this is a
> >Grant and soforth...)?

I'm pretty sure it's something that evolved, rather than being implimented
as a plan.  I know there was a differentiation between a GoA and an AoA at
least as early as AS7, probably much earlier.  The first Laurel was Master
Beverly Hodghead - 12th Night, AS 2 (according to LAR - ACCEPTANCES March
28, 1984 A.S. XVIII)

> >When did the college of Heralds actually start? What
> >was their original use? Was it to register names and
> >devices- or scrolls and stuff?

April, AS 2 issue of TI (dated May, AS 3) - according to above cited History
of the West Kingdom. "henceforth the Herald shall keep a College of Arms and
that all members of the nobility should register arms with the College."


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