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Mercedes de Cerdanya steldr at home.net
Thu Dec 20 11:37:44 PST 2001

To all you scribal/painter people out there - Ainar and I will be going to
Coronation and would be more than happy to transport any completed scrolls.


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Subject: [Ansteorra] Sable Scroll Holliday / Coronation Wish list
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As you may know the Coronation of their Royal Highnesses Aaron and Britta
will soon be upon us.
With that in mind, Sable Scroll will be passing to the very capable hands
of Mistress Curstaid.
So I have come up with a little wish list of charters to help her and the
Incoming Crowns get off on the right foot in the months to follow.
We are in immediate need of the Following Painted charters:
Sable Crane
Star of Merit
Centurion of the Sable Star
Court Barony
Queen's Rapier
Kings Archer

Pressing but not immediate need:
Sable Thistle
AOA (we are Not in need of the Runic ones)
Rising Star
Compass Rose
Sable Comet

It is asked that if you have any blank painted charters in your
possession, please get them to your regional scribe, or any of the Sable
The Current Sable Scroll is listed under Deputy Heralds in the back of the
Black Star.
Current office Holders: Master Darius, Baroness Kat, HLady Ari
Incomming: Mistress Curstaid

Thank you for all your assistance.
HLady Ari
Deputy Sable Scroll

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