[Northkeep] populace?

Shirley Roper vivatthedream at home.com
Fri Dec 7 11:50:22 PST 2001

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There might have been a revel here in the 80s - I know Lady Debroah (sp?) still lives here, but I don't think Blackfox ever did.  Anyway, this club house has been expanded since then.  I'll have to ask, but we may even be able to sit around the pool.  I think there's a grill out there, too...hmmmm - do I smell burgers?

Zenobia, who never quite feels satisfied after a Ramen noodle lunch
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  >From: "Shirley Roper" <vivatthedream at home.com>
  >It should be fine for about 50 people indoors, and there's a nice, >big
  >lawn.  Do you think the crowd would be much larger, especially >that close
  >to Christmas?  If anyone would like to see it, I can make >arrangements.

  I think I was probably flashing back to some revels that were held in that
  general region (I think Blackfox lived out that way in the early 80s) in a
  club house that would have been fine for 10-20, but no more.
  My bad, just ignore me (it must be all this digging through old history



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