[Northkeep] populace?

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri Dec 7 15:26:23 PST 2001

>There might have been a revel here in the 80s - I know Lady Debroah (sp?)
>still lives here, but I don't think Blackfox ever did.  Anyway, this club
>house has been expanded since then.  I'll have to ask, but we may even be
>able to sit around the pool.  I think there's a grill out there,
>too...hmmmm - do I smell burgers?

As I have spent many an hour around that pool and it may be where I first
heard of the SCA from dear Zenobia, I think it will be great.  I do finally
have a schedule for my life to go around, Jim has appointments on Dec 14th,
17th and then surgery on the 20th.  I got very little responce to the reply
to caroling, few families but many people.  I will be doing it, but not as
an SCA thing but just whenever we can fit in just go with some friends.  If
anyone was waiting for a date to say if they were interested and would like
to know when we were going to join us at Swan Lake, just let me know an I
will try to let you know in time for you to join us at Swan Laek to do it.

>Zenobia, who never quite feels satisfied after a Ramen noodle lunch

Humm, my kids love those and I am trying to think if I have eaten at all?

Susan the absentminded
who eats when hungry,
not by clock or schedule

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