[Northkeep] populace

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Wed Dec 12 13:10:22 PST 2001

>Which was kind of an error that I thought Ainar was going to send out a
>message about last night.  We will be there at 6:30

He asked what time I had it for, that was so we could have dance at 6:30
this next year if need be. I am sure we will be talking about those things

Not sure how long it will last, but we don't have to be out by any set time
as I will have the keys to lock up like we did over at Nathan Hale when we
had the last newcomer's class.

Susan the Curious
Barony of Northkeep
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

who hopes to publicly recognize her deputies publicly tonight, the duty
following their name is what they coordinate with my playing back up to
their efforts and keeping it all going, yet still having time to talk to
new people and answer their questions:
Meryn, Gold Key
Galiwyn, Event Hospitality
Lady Catin, Demo Director
Lady Isabela, Imaging (coordinates photography and video at demos and
events and works with others interested in representing the barony in this
way, we have a group in the works for this and a volunteer to organize a
Hospitaler's office scrapbook if you are interested let one of us know)
Kitty, my portable memory, she is doing it anyways, might as well give her
the public thanks

Zenobia and Sionad have both been of great assistance and are greatly
appreciated for all their efforts too

Susan the appreciative, absentminded, hospitaller who really was inspired
by the Hospitaller from the Stepps list of deputies...

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