[Northkeep] populace

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Wed Dec 12 14:35:47 PST 2001

>Zenobia and Sionad have both been of great assistance and are greatly
>appreciated for all their efforts too
>Susan the appreciative, absentminded, hospitaller who really was inspired
>by the Hospitaller from the Stepps list of deputies...

Hope this doesn't leave out the many, many, many others who have been
helping out.  That is part of why I have warned you all ahead of time that
I am very absentminded, no harm is ever intended.  I will have my supplies
for my personal favor cords tonight and if you have been helping, in
whatever way, come over and find me and get some beads and cord to make
yours.  I never intend to exclude anyone, so please just 'you hoo' if I get
too busy at any time.

Susan the absentminded hospitaller
who is off to a meeting at Kit's school and might be running late

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