[Northkeep] prayer request for Jim's surgery

Lynne Dawson martadormani at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 20 16:04:52 PST 2001


My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I
sincerely hope all goes well with the surgery and
recovery. I wish I would have known before 6:00 that a
meal would have been helpful. Let me know if you need
anything for tomorrow or this weekend.


--- Susan <catmafia at swbell.net> wrote:
> A prayer request for all of you, many of you have
> heard me mention Jim's
> surgery, well the day is apon us.  As this is his
> 3rd and second on this
> knee, we have pretty much taken it in our stride,
> but the verse about
> having not because we ask not ran through my head
> and I wanted to share a
> request for you.
> His surgery is scheduled for 2:45 this afternoon at
> St Francis and the
> surgeons name is Jay Lorton.  I hope that in this
> surgery that he will be
> able to clean up and repair the meniscus on Jim's
> right knee to the degree
> that his range of motion and freedom of movement are
> restored and the cause
> of pain removed.  It has been 8 years or so since
> the origional acute
> injury to this knee and the loss of productivity and
> enjoyment of life
> caused by it has been immeasurable, for a golfer
> with a less than scratch
> handicap to have problems squating to read putts is
> a pretty major
> thing.  Also, running has been something he has done
> little of in that
> time, leading to his leaving the Army and carring
> many pounds that wouldn't
> have been an issue otherwise.  So a full return to
> functionability would be
> a wonderful outcome, as well as faith in a Dr to go
> in and do house keeping
> on several other joints that have caused problems
> for years. (if anyone
> needs a cautionary tale for a young athelete, send
> them my way while he is
> in recuperation, 30 shouldn't have hit as hard as it
> did and it made him
> wish the 17 year old had had much more knowledge and
> inforation at his
> disposal)
> Thanks you all; prayers, thoughts and candles are
> appreciated.  I will be
> up at the hospital from 12:30 till he is released
> with a possible errand
> break when he is out of surgery if I am unable to
> visit for any time
> there.  I will also accept any calming blessings you
> wish to bistow.  I
> have plenty of reading, a dummy's guide to grant
> writting and a british
> mystery, to keep my mind occupied, but it will
> probably be a very long
> afternoon and early evening.
> Final request, a good recovery where the girls and I
> can spend some
> wonderful hours with him.  Since working with IMB in
> the last 8 months,
> most of it has seen him on the road and this time is
> dear to us.
> Susan
> Thanks for all and thank you for hoping with me
> my cell will be off when I am in restricted areas,
> but if you wish to leave
> a message for me, my number is 605-6174 and if
> anyone wants to drop off a
> meal for the girls tonight or is moved to do
> anything else, that would be
> great...  This is our first surgery outside of the
> tight military community
> we went through all in the past with, definatly
> different but thank you all
> for being our community here; if you need a good
> laugh remind me to tell
> you the Dr and Anesthesiaologists reactions when Jim
> mentioned they would
> probably need an FBI agent present if they sedated
> him, so he is having a
> spinal.  I miss the whole hastle of a top secret
> clearance being a
> commonality, must be part of why all seem to see my
> reality as rather surreal.
> also, feel free to forward this to any other lists,
> all prayers of healing
> and hope welcome
> "Hope is not the conviction that things will turn
> out well, but rather, the
> confidence that what you are doing makes sense
> regardless of how it turns out."
> Vclav Havel
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