[Northkeep] Archery Marshal and INFO

Brown, Charley W. Chass at lakewebs.net
Sun Dec 23 20:26:07 PST 2001

Hmm dont think I could get anyone or thing together by then... thanky
anyhow.. and as far as what to be authorized for.. all of the above.......
but lol guess i need to corner N.R. Archery Marshall Baron Barn and set
something up. We have like 3 people wanting to be white diamonds here....
and a fwe regular H.W. who wanna be able to shoot and then fight.. etc...
Talk to you laters.

Chass Brown aka Charinthalis Del Sans
Hospitaler/Minister of A&S Canton of Rundel
Owner Dwarvenhome Armory
Event Steward Margrave VIII
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> Well that's little old me.  I will be stepping down
> though at wInterkingdom since I will be moving back
> to AnTir for good at that time.  Application are
> being taken for my replacement at this time.
> Are we talking about combat arcery, target, marshal
> or range authorizations here?
> I only have a limited number of weekends I will be
> available to put something together before I leave.
> My schedule at this time is:
> Jan 6 - Retrun from AnTir and the Holidays.
> Jan 19 (I think) - wInterkingdom
> 1st weekend of Feb - Clothiers in Forgotten Sea
> 2nd Weekend of Feb - School related conference in AR
> Feb 12 - Leave for Estrella and AnTir.
> So let me know.  I might also opt to goto Coronation,
> but I need to check my funding.
> Xenos

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