[Northkeep] Drum circle

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Tue Dec 25 08:30:44 PST 2001

>By the way, we have a small, casual drum circle at my house on Thursday
>afternoons.  If anyone is interested, I'll post details.
>See you on the 7th!

What are the details and can you put it on the drum list calendar as at
least a reminder about it would be good for me on Wednesdays.  As someone
who is just playing with this and what she can do and is far more a beatnik
hearted drummer as opposed to doing certain rhythmsm, that might be better
for me playing.

As to hip scarfs, we have several scarves, but are their directions
somewhere for making the really cool ones with the hang down tassles?  I
don't want my girls out in public in those, but Kit would love to have
one.  I am still hoping that she is going to be healthy enough to start
bellydancing lessons come January, was anyone interested in doing it with
her?  It should be a small and comfortable place for interested ones to learn.


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