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Shirley Roper vivatthedream at home.com
Tue Dec 25 22:34:08 PST 2001

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Susan wrote:

  What are the details and can you put it on the drum list calendar as at
  least a reminder about it would be good for me on Wednesdays.  As someone
  who is just playing with this and what she can do and is far more a beatnik
  hearted drummer as opposed to doing certain rhythmsm, that might be better
  for me playing.

I've added reminders through the end of January.  We do work on specific Middle Eastern rhythms every week, reviewing from past weeks and adding one new rhythm each week.  We also work on appropriate methods for stopping and starting together.  Zaina's always been a bit of a free spirit as far as music is concerned, but learning basic hand positions and rhythms has enabled her to be much more creative in her hand-drumming.

  As to hip scarfs, we have several scarves, but are their directions
  somewhere for making the really cool ones with the hang down tassles?
You'll find directions for making a tassel belt in "From Turban to Toering," by Dawn Devine Brown ( http://www.davina.org/products/ ).  It's a wonderful all-around costume resource book for SCA dancers.

In peace,
When drumming on purpose, one is open to the possibilities.
Practicing on a regular basis is a sign that one can drum on purpose.
~ Daveed Korup ~

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