ANST-Announce - Armouring Day in North Texas

neil starkey raimonddemora at
Thu Feb 8 17:41:06 PST 2001

Greetings Ansteorra,

As the time for Gulf Wars grows near, the time for preparations grows short. 
  If you wish to fight, then you need Armour.  If you wish to work a Siege 
Engine, you need Armour.  If you wish to do Combat Archery, you need Armour. 
  If you do not have the above mentioned Armour, Armour, or Armour, we can 
possibly help.  On Feb.24th Elfsea, Steppes, Glaslyn, and Loch Raudh are 
forming a work crew to work on Armour.  We will be working on repairs as 
well as making new Basic Armour.  If you wish to have Armour made, or help 
making your Armour, you will be required to show up.  This way we can make 
the Armour fit you properly.  To help with this process, please bring any 
tools you think will be helpful for leather working, rivting, metal work, 
etc.  Also, we will NOT be providing the materials such as leather, rivits, 
metal, etc.  We will be just providing the labor to make the job easier.  A 
note to Archers:  Full Guantles are required or you can not shoot in the 
War.  If you wish to donate any materials, please let either Lord Dux or HL 
Raimond know.
Baron Duncan has graciously opened is workshop for this project.  Directions 
to his home are: Take your best route to I-35E going North.  Exit 
Whitlock/Sandy Lake.  At the light, turn right.  After topping a rise and 
going down the other side, turn left at the light on McCoy.  Turn right on 
Northland.  Duncan's house is the second on the left.  Thank You to Baron 
Duncan in advance.
If you have any questions or need better directions you can call Lord 
Mordock at (cell phone) 817-937-3322 or email mordockvonrugen at OR HL 
Raimond at (cell phone) 214-478-2915 or email raimonddemora at
Now if you have read this complete messege and you are thinking you have 
missed the time for this to start, let me assure you, you haven't.  That 
will announced as soon as it is confirmed with His Excellency.

Remember, If you don't get your Armour done here, Please, get it done 

Also, I want to remind everyone that Elfsea will be hosting Steppes at in 
Joint Fighter Practice / War Practice in Elfsea at Randol Mill Park in 
Arlington on Feb. 25th.  Both Chaivalric and Rapier Fighters are Welcome and 
encouraged to joins us, as Gulf Wars is only two weeks later.  This will 
start at 1:00 pm.  Marshals will be on hand for Both Chivalric and Rapier 
Fighters if you need Authorizations.  Remember, there will be NO new 
Authorizations done at the War.

In Service and a Fool
HL Raimond George de Mora
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