ANST-Announce - North Texas Irish Festival Demo

Bryan & Michelle Hanson bmhanson at
Thu Feb 8 18:18:13 PST 2001

Greetings to the list from Ly Margarite McBridin.
The Barony of Steppes is hosting a demo at the North Texas Irish Festival 
on March 3 & 4, 2001.  This promises to be one of the most beneficial 
demos, not only for Steppes, Elfsea, and their Cantons and Colleges in 
particular, but for the Central region and the SCA in general.

If you are interested, please email me at bmhanson at or call me 
at 972-245-5692.  I prefer e-mails if at all possible.  Please read on....

We are in need of several (lots and lots!!) volunteers to help run the 
demo.  There are several ways you can participate in the demo:
	Fighters - both heavy and light
	Static A & S displays - books, arts, etc.
	Live A & S demos - weaving, spinning, dyeing, chain mail making, metal 
work, leather work, woodworking, etc.
	and the ever-present, ever-necessary
		Meeters & Greeters
I will also be trying to arrange some MOC activities.
When volunteering to work the demo, please send me your mundane name, SCA 
name, email address (if possible), phone, day (Sat or Sun), time(full day, 
half day, PAID - 4 hrs, etc) that you wish to work the demo, and what area 
you would like to be in.  Saying that you would like to do a live A & S 
demo does not mean you cannot shift into another area as well; so, if you 
fall into more than one area, please let me know.

The hours of the demo are:
	Sat - March 3 from 10:30 AM until dark (park closes at 10:30 PM).
	Sun - March 4 from 11:30 AM until dark (park closes at 8:30 PM).
After the demo has closed you may feel free to stay and enjoy the 
Festival's entertainments.

We are limited on the number of volunteer passes we have but there are 
several other ways for you to enter into the Festival.
1.  You can purchase entry into the Festival.  If this is your option, 
please be aware that you will asked to work at least 4 hours the day of 
your entry (if you choose to sign up for the demo).  You may work this 4 
hours in one of two ways:  as a 4 hour shift entire or as two 2 hour 
shifts.  After that your time is your own, with our blessing and thanks.
The cost of tickets is as follows:
	$11.00 a day or $17.00 for 2-day pass.  There is a $2.00 discount for 
students and seniors.  Children under 12 and 	handicapped individuals are 
2.  You can gain free entry for one day if you would like to volunteer to 
work a 3-hour shift for the Festival.  Also for every 3 hour shift you work 
(the Festival), you will receive a free beverage of your choice at the 
Festival.  If you work two or more 3 hour shifts (for the Festival), you 
will get free admission to the Festival both days and a free NTIF souvenir 
Listed below are the areas in which the Festival needs volunteers.  Please 
help them out if at all possible.  To register as a Festival volunteer, 
please visit their website at and click on the volunteer link. 
	Admissions - The all-important ticket sales. Lots of folks needed here.
	Beer - Volunteers are needed to pour beer. You need to be TABC certified 
<> for this (we pay for the training). Also, you need 
to be 21 or over.
	Finance - We always need people to help count money.
	Hospitality - Maintain the performers' hospitality/dressing area.
	Instrument Check-In - Performers check their instruments into a secure 
room when they are not performing.
	Main Office - Mostly this involves answering the phone during the 
	Operations - Set-up before the Festival and tear-down on the Monday after 
the Festival.
	Performers' Products Sales - We set up a booth where our performers' 
products are for sale - tapes, CDs, shirts, etc.
	Sound Technicians will also be needed to help run sound equipment. Special 
training will be provided.
	Souvenir T-shirt Sales - This is usually a combination T-shirt 
sales/Information Booth. Sometimes programs are also sold at this booth.
	Stage Managers - announce the acts, take care of wants and needs of the 
performers, get them on and off the stage on time.
	Transportation - Drivers are needed for our courtesy vans which take 
performers to and from the airport, hotel, and Festival grounds. Must be a 
licensed driver, over 21 for this.
	Urchin Street - This area is devoted to children. Helpers are needed for 
arts and crafts for the kids.
	Vendors - help log in vendors and get them set up.
	Volunteer Area - Log in volunteers and pass out their souvenir shirts.
3.  You can get one of the available passes.  However, due to the limited 
number and non-transferability of these passes, priority will be given to 
those who can work a full day.  Those who would like to be considered for a 
half-day shift will be placed on a waiting list which will be used should 
extra passes become available.   Children under 12 and handicapped 
individuals (who can enter the Festival free of admission) do not require 
one of these passes.

If you are interested, please email me at bmhanson at or call me 
at 972-245-5692.  I prefer e-mails if at all possible.  Once I have you 
listed as a demo volunteer, I will respond to you and let you know.
Please pass this on to our brothers and sisters who not list-enabled as 
they too may be interested.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you all at the demo.
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