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Sun Feb 18 18:21:00 PST 2001

Yet another opportunity for fun, for those who had to miss last Friday's 
demo. Our next Blue and Gold Banquet demo is scheduled this next Saturday, 
Feb. 24th.

TIME: 6:00-ish

PLACE: Faith United Methodist Church, 7431 East 91st St. (between Memorial 
and Sheridan).

They will be feeding us if we want to join in, so I need to have a show of 
hands, who can attend, so I can let them know how many for chow.
If you can't make it at 6:00, please don't let that stop you. You can 
certainly come a little later, since we probably will not be "on" until 
closer to 7:00.
They would like to see fighters,(and of course anyone else)  and they have 
the room for us, so armor up and come on down!
Let me know! Thanks in advance, as always.

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