Tamberlin tamberlinofnk at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 19 05:05:43 PST 2001

I think I can still make it.


--- Anawyn at aol.com wrote:
> Yet another opportunity for fun, for those who had
> to miss last Friday's 
> demo. Our next Blue and Gold Banquet demo is
> scheduled this next Saturday, 
> Feb. 24th.
> TIME: 6:00-ish
> PLACE: Faith United Methodist Church, 7431 East 91st
> St. (between Memorial 
> and Sheridan).
> They will be feeding us if we want to join in, so I
> need to have a show of 
> hands, who can attend, so I can let them know how
> many for chow.
> If you can't make it at 6:00, please don't let that
> stop you. You can 
> certainly come a little later, since we probably
> will not be "on" until 
> closer to 7:00.
> They would like to see fighters,(and of course
> anyone else)  and they have 
> the room for us, so armor up and come on down!
> Let me know! Thanks in advance, as always.
> Anawyn

"Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons...for you are crunchy and good with ketchup."

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