NK - lost stuff

Lynne Dawson martadormani at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 19 06:14:20 PST 2001

Greetings Owen,

Are you planning on going to Mead Bee?  I was hoping
to retrieve my tankard and scissors, if you'll be
there.  I'll be camping hopefully on the Island by the
building where the tavern is usually held, with Ryn
and Yoshii.  Also, Baulsac found a medallion on the
list field at NRT, that someone has posted he thought
was yours.  I'd be glad to get it from Baulsac and
bring it to Mead Bee, if he's not going.  Let me know.

--- Eric Jackson <owenapaeddan at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Marta,
>     I have your tankard and your scissors, but not
> the button.  Please email 
> me so I may get these items back to you.
> Owen ap Aeddan
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