NK - Rowan ni Coerc

Rebecca Heydon rmheydon at swbell.net
Thu Feb 15 08:10:58 PST 2001

 Good Lady....

I have added you and Grimulf to the waiting list for feast. :-)

travel safely and we'll see you there!


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> Well met! Forgive a newbie...but I have been told I
> overlooked gettin a reservation for feast @ NRT thys
> weekend? *Thanx Wyn, for leavin that out <LOL>*
> Although Wyn tells me there is a waiting lyst in case
> of those what drop out? If that is the case, can ye
> add me too it? I'd lyke to sit wyth Wynfrithn & Catin
> of NorthKeep if I may...but as I have no idea how thys
> works, & thys was a last minute planned tryp (I
> originally wasna gonna be able to make NRT) I would
> appreciate any help u can give. Im also sposed to ask
> that Grimulf of Weisenfuers name be added wyth myne.
> Again, I ask forgiveness, as thys is only my second
> SCA event *sheepish grin* And my many thanx :)
> ~¤Meryn¤~
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