[Northkeep] The Nina in Musckogee

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 4 12:35:59 PST 2001

>From: Susan <catmafia at swbell.net>
>I was driving over a fog shrowded bridge this morning when Belle supprised
>me with an exclamaition of delight.  We then drove over an pulled down to
>the waterline for her to get some footage of it.  I hope we can get this
>footage up where it is sharable.  Do you have the file share on Northkeep1?

Yes.  It will depend on the format and the file size though.  Single
pictures are smaller and easier for most people to view than the movies.

I have some shots that we took on the webpage already, but with the rain it
was really dark, so if anyone wants to share their shots, I'll stick them up
too (although I may have to make some small alterations - like removing
faces from people who just happened to be there).


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