[Northkeep] The Nina in Musckogee

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Sun Nov 4 06:18:56 PST 2001

Marc/Diarmaid wrote:
>I know that several people have mentioned this before, but after going down
>to visit the place today, I felt that it needed to be stressed.
>There is a hand maded reproduction of the Nina currently stopped at Muskogee
>until the 14th of November -- at which point it will sail off  for Grand
>Caymen.  It's excellent, and if you have a persona that has  anything to do
>with the sea, you are doing yourself a disservice to miss it.

I was driving over a fog shrowded bridge this morning when Belle supprised
me with an exclamaition of delight.  We then drove over an pulled down to
the waterline for her to get some footage of it.  I hope we can get this
footage up where it is sharable.  Do you have the file share on Northkeep1?

and any of the folks who are available during the mornings or early
afternoon want to go to the Nina with Peg and I?

>Anyway, the -ship- is worth the trip, the floor show is just gravy.
>For any of you who've taken my class on the medieval mindset, it's a perfect
>example of some of the things discussed there.

I look forward to this class, I am sure I may have heard much of it but
look forward to it all at once and yes; we really would like the discussion
thing on London.

Oops, forgot to sign this earlier

I had a great time at the demo, the wet leaves were great, you all have fun?

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