[Northkeep] Newbie-College-Type-Person

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Mon Nov 5 17:17:04 PST 2001

At 07:54 PM 11/5/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Merry meet and all other salutations that apply. My name is Samm Cason,
>Jr., a soon-to-be-paying new member of SCA, and one of the mundies that
>attended the Tahlequah demo and later festivities (and the only one of the
>newbies that clung on 'til the very end I am happy, and boastful enough,
>to say). I have checked over the website, very well done, and decided to
>join this mail group in hopes of making new friends. I made many a new
>friend that Saturday, and hope to see them again, despite the fact that
>the only names I remember are Susan and Kitty. Well, I tend to ramble so I
>will just throw down some information and let those who care do as they
>will with it. E-Mail xsadedelacroixx at aol.com, sadedelacroix at aol.com, or
>skelepooh at aol.com. AOL/AIM screen name xsadedelacroixx. Yahoo! Messenger
>name skelepooh. I am very into making new friends, so don't be shy! Just
>say hi! Because...
>"Being a newbie is never easy, It's always hard I say. You don't know how
>to dress, or how to talk, or about the games they play!" uh...I will
>finish that little rhyme sometime later. Thanks!
>                            ~~Baidwan the Long-Winded
>                               (mka Samm Cason, Jr.)

For those not there, he is an absolutly charming guy and just fit right
in.  I can't wait till we actually here him on a drum, as body percussion
was amusing and he was delightful picking things out on the hammered dulcimer.


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