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Hugh Niewoehner HNiewoehner at netscape.net
Mon Nov 12 08:01:22 PST 2001

Dairmaid, et. al,
Sorry for not responding sooner.  I was out of pocket last week and since it was a personal sanity trip rather than business related I explicitly left behind all methods of being contacted.

This is for everyone:
As far as the armorial graphics I create.  Once I have created the image I will run it past the registered device holder to be certain that the device looks the way they like it.   After I have approval of the registered owner I release all copyright on the graphic to the registered device holder with the following reservations:  1.  I retain the perogative to utilize the graphic on any projects which I may decide to use it on.  Current or future. [Banner, Domesday Book, etc.]  <Unless it's a surprise like "The Book" I'll generally let you know I'm using it anyway.>  2.  The Barony of Northkeep is given permission to use the graphic on _official_ materials. (ie.: website, awards banners, etc.)  The Barony may not transfer that permission to a third party without the explicit permission of the registered holder of the device.

How's that?

-mka.    Hugh Niewoehner

Marc Carlson <marc-carlson at utulsa.edu> wrote:

>Ok, I have a small problem, which I get to share with you all.
>There have been some new clarifications from up on high, which will result in some changes to the web-page.
>Nothing major, but unless I have an *explicit*, In-writing (email is acceptable) statement from people, I can not
>refer to Mundane names, Email addresses, Phone numbers.  This includes officers.  This means that I will be going
>through the web site this afternoon and removing them.
>I will also be forced to remove pictures that I don't have explicit statements from the artist/photographer for.  And for
>some reason, simply sending me the item may not count as explicit permission to put it up on the web site.  I think
>I still have a copy of Ian's blanket permission to use his maps and such, but I can not guarantee that I have retained
>all the messages people have sent me telling me to "go ahead and put up such and such".  If you aren't sure, please let
>me know - or better yet, please send me a new message granting me permission to use your image.  This is most
>important at the moment for people like Damon, whose heraldic images make up the bulk of those on the site.
>These restrictions will also be placed on the individual officers pages, particularly with regard to any text that they
>might have adapted from other sources (for example, we really OUGHT to have gotten Katsotoshi's permission for
>the Library listing before he left)
>I'm sorry for any inconvenience - I will try to make this as generally painless as possible.
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