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    The loss of this great lady's health and freedom was already a loss
to the kingdom
and those who loved her.  She is now free, but will always be missed.

Catrin & Anton
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As many of you will recall, my beloved Lady Wife, known in the
Society as Roane Faerggae, a Companion of our Order, had been
quite seriously ill for a very long time, requiring constant
attention, twenty-four hour care, and large quantities of pain

Her pain has gone elsewhere, and she has left us for what I hope
and pray is a better place, as of 8:40 this morning, 13 November

I expect to have a small memorial service, probably this weekend.
Those who choose to attend will be welcome. I will announce the
details later. Please, if you have other plans, feel free to go
on with them. After all, she won't be there. ;)

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