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Well, I know I had a good time and I didn't even get to stay for the
drumming. :)  The food was good, the company was great and it will
definitely be on our schedule from now on.  Ainar is psyched about getting
to practice more.  I encourage everyone to at least come for dinner and
conversation, even if you are not a drummer.

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A good time was had by all at the first Northkeep Drum & Dance circle last
night!  We decided to schedule a drum and dance circle on the first Monday
of every month.  We'll be meeting at the same restaurant (Superstar -
formerly Aladdin Kabob House - 41st & Garnett), and we'll start at 7:30.  If
you want to have dinner, plan to come early if possible.   We want to
encourage everyone to bring their drums to fighter practice for impromptu
circles.  Thorvald pointed out that it would be an excellent way to attract
more people to the SCA.

Our next circle will be Monday, December 3rd.

~ Zenobia ~

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