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Well I would allow some of my poetry to be read, but 99% of the time i hide
it away. I am a published poet :) (18 seperate times) I have 3 poems in
Nortons Anthology of America's Greatest Poets. Hmm mayhaps I will let my son
(Antonio) read some of my poetry for childrens Bardic sometime :). I am
still in the glow of the event and hops it lasts a while.

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> >Aye it inspired me as well :) wrote another poem while i was there to put
> >me trunk :)
> Are ye going to share with us?  Or should it go through the bard
> representing the group first?
> It was a delightful event and one of my favorite sights of the weekend was
> you heading out to the archery field with the chainmail over your arm, all
> but skipping out there.  Made me wish Kit would have entered more of the
> children's activities, our older kids are so used to just doing things as
> adults that they forget there are kids activities; well that and some
> adults saying that they should only participate in the adult bardic from
> now on, ;)
> Susan
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