[Northkeep] Northkeep Investiture Troll schedule

Anthony Lackey catan at webzone.net
Mon Nov 19 16:01:51 PST 2001

    Here is the current sign ups for troll. We still need to fill
several slots. Each slot
needs to have one experienced person. That is shown by having exp.
behind  the
name/slot. If you want to sign up e-mail( catan at webzone.net ) or call me
at 836-3696. We need two people per time slot.
Friday 4-6 Ainar at Mercedes. exp.
Friday6-8  Maidenhair, Galiwyn exp.
Friday 10-12 Muilenn Dalande exp. open slot \
Sat.     12-2   Elizabetta af Isaford exp. Aelfwyn Webbestre
Sat.      2-4   open slot, open slot
Sat.      4-6   open slot, open slot
Sat.      6-8   Wilhelm der Wolf exp. open slot
Sat.      8-10  Angelique de Fontaine exp. open slot
Sat.      10-12 open slot, open slot
Sat.      12-2   open slot. open slot
     As you can see we still have several spots open. Any spelling
errors on names
is my mistake, no insult intended.


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