[Northkeep] Northkeep Investiture Troll schedule

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 20 07:29:40 PST 2001

I would be happy to sit troll on either the 2am-4am or
6am-8am with Wilhelm. I am not experienced however.
(Been around a while, but still consider myself
inexperienced at troll)


--- Anthony Lackey <catan at webzone.net> wrote:
>     Here is the current sign ups for troll. We still
> need to fill
> several slots. Each slot
> needs to have one experienced person. That is shown
> by having exp.
> behind  the
> name/slot. If you want to sign up e-mail(
> catan at webzone.net ) or call me
> at 836-3696. We need two people per time slot.
> Friday 4-6 Ainar at Mercedes. exp.
> Friday6-8  Maidenhair, Galiwyn exp.
> Friday 10-12 Muilenn Dalande exp. open slot \
> Sat.     12-2   Elizabetta af Isaford exp. Aelfwyn
> Webbestre
> Sat.      2-4   open slot, open slot
> Sat.      4-6   open slot, open slot
> Sat.      6-8   Wilhelm der Wolf exp. open slot
> Sat.      8-10  Angelique de Fontaine exp. open slot
> Sat.      10-12 open slot, open slot
> Sat.      12-2   open slot. open slot
>      As you can see we still have several spots
> open. Any spelling
> errors on names
> is my mistake, no insult intended.
> Anton
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