[Northkeep] Troll schedule

Anthony Lackey catan at webzone.net
Thu Nov 22 19:41:05 PST 2001

4-6pm Ainar and Mercedes
5-8pm Catrin and Galiwyn
8-10pm Angus Gun and Elodie
10-12pm Muilenn and Michael
12-2am Elizabetta af Isafjord and Aelfwyn
2-4am open slot, open slot
4-6am open slot, open slot
6-8am Welhelm de Wolf and Zahava
8-10am Angelique de Fontaine open slot
10-12am Jessamy and Thorvald
12-2pm Jessamy and Thorvald( thanks for the double,Anton)

   Thats what we have got so far. I will check my e-mail thursday
morning before
I head out for the site. Any corrections or volunteers need to be posted
by 9am.


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