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Darin K. Herndon darin_herndon at bswintl.com
Mon Nov 26 14:10:16 PST 2001

Having had some time to recover from a very full weekend, we needed
to post and make people aware of the many awards given at the
Northkeep Investiture / Northern Regional Toy Tourney event this past
weekend.  Several people have been asking for such a listing.

The spellings of the following names have not been confirmed by us
yet (in process).  If you are one of those listed below and your name
is misspelled, or you know the correct spelling for a name listed
incorrectly, please email Northkeep's Herald at
"northkeep_herald at ansteorra.org".  Alternatively, if you live in
Northkeep and will be at populace on Wednesday evening (NOTE: we are
on Wednesday this month), then you can bring spelling corrections to
populace.  The full court report will be mailed following any
spelling corrections on Wednesday evening.

Also, at this time we have not seen a posting of the Toy Tourney
winners.  We are including those to get them announced and hope that
Baroness Mary Blackaxe and Mistress Ceridwen Tir Gwirstaff (Toy
Tourney autocrats) will not mind.  Toy Tourney had a Rapier Champion
in Don Robert MacPharland; a Knife, Axe, and Spear Champion in Lord
Igor of Northkeep, an Archery Champion in Master Rumil Fletcher, and
a winning Heavy Weapons Team in the team led by Sir Asoph Hearts (Sir
Asoph, Lord Karl Hungus, the Baron of Vatavia, HL Oxlade MacKinnon,
and Jean-Paul de Sens).  The overall winning barony of the Toy
Tourney was the Barony of Northkeep.

And now for the listing from the five page court report:

Receiving a Rising Star were:
Ludrig Wilhelm
Lothar Reichman

Receiving a Sable Falcon were:
Karl Hungus
Tomas Niallaghan

Receiving Awards of Arms were:
Marta Dormani
Anthony of Northkeep
Otar Thorvaldsson
Dirgelion d'Aubany
Catin de Mortain
Susan the Curious
Francesca de Assisi
Olivia de Calais
Etroma ferch Donal
Nadine des Jardin

Receiving a Compass Rose was:
Elizabeth de Calais

Receiving a Sable Comet was:
Slaine MacTyre - Mooneschadowe

Receiving a Sable Thistle were:
Ana Maria de Mercedes de Cerdanya - Weaving
Elizabetta af Isafjord - Card Weaving
AElfwyn Webbestre - Card Weaving
Tristan de Felice - Armoring
Isabella del Bosque - Leatherworking
Dunstana Talana the Violet - Heraldry
Diarmuid ui Dunn - Research
Magdelena de Catalesta - Costuming

Receiving a Sable Crane were:
Beorhtric Folcwinesson
Anora de Bardolph
Damon Borrendahl

Made a Companion of the Order of the Iris of Merit was:
Toinette de Cambrai

Made Companions of the Order of the Star of Merit were:
Etienne de St. Amaranth
Rhiannon Redwolf

Elevated to a Court Baronetcy was:
Robert Fitzmorgan

Invested as the Baron and Baroness of Northkeep were:
Ainar Magnusson
Ana Maria de Mercedes de Cerdanya

Awarded the Crimson Star (Northkeep's non-armigerous service award) were:
Faolan MacFarland
Zahava bat Hannah
Rosamund Blaunchflur
Kelandra Carmichael

Inducted to the Order of the Lion's Paw of Kenmare (Northkeep's
armigerous baronial service order) were:
Catrin ferch Gwylim
Ian dun Gillan
Damon Borrendahl
Elizabetta af Isafjord
Timothy le Corbusier
William Blackfox (posthumously)

Permission is hereby given to post the listings of winners and award
recipients in this email to other electronic forums so long as you
note that the spellings are not yet confirmed.

Lady Rosamund Blaunchflur
Northkeep Baronial Herald

Honorable Lord Etienne de St. Amaranth
Northkeep Deputy Herald - Voice Heraldry

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