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Mercedes de Cerdanya steldr at home.net
Tue Nov 27 10:58:22 PST 2001

draconian dictatorial control - hahahahahahahaha

Well, I have to be honest and say that people who post to the list asking to
be removed is a pet peeve of mine.  There are usually instructions at the
bottom of every message that tell you how to do it or in this case, the
mailman server sends out a reminder every month and tells you how to do
things.  Just makes me nuts.  This time instead of silently berating the
person I thought maybe I'd try to teach them something.  Save some other
list admin the effort......

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> >From: "Mercedes de Cerdanya" <steldr at home.net>
> >Ainar doesn't do that anymore, actually.  I believe that Diarmaid is
> >managing the list right now.
> I prefer to think of it as "holds absolute draconian dictatorial control
> over all aspects of" the list, but whatever...
> (Btw, for the small minority who need the help -- that's Sarcasm).
> >However, the lists are set up in such a way that you can do all that >for
> >yourself.  It's pretty user friendly if I can figure it out (being
> >semi-technologically challenged as I am.....)  :)
> The trick isn't so much technological literacy as following the
> (and of course, not losing your password).  In this case, though, I
> the person in question when I got the message since I had a lot of time to
> kill.
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