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    I had to think about this one for a while.  There's so much to tell.
Kendra was my clan sister in Caer du Pard, as Blackfox was my clan brother
(the lord and lady of that household, Lord Thomas Redhawk and Mistress
Alanna of Caer du Pard, now
sadly rather inactive, were the ones who came up during the Kenmare
with William's banner) and my Brother in the Dark Horde.  She was the first
I knew who was in both the Horde and Caer du Pard, thus starting the
cross-pollination tradition between the households that strengthens us both
She could make me laugh so hard I cried, and I could tell her anything and
cry and she would understand and help me and never tell anyone.  She
brought out the sun
wherever she was and that's no exaggeration.  She was good to everybody no
matter who they were.  She was hospitaller, welcoming everyone with open
and food.  She was seneschal and led us and we were happy.  She was cursed
with health that finally took her from us and never complained or showed
bitterness.  She was my sister, my brother, my teacher and my dear friend.
When she died, my sun went out for a while, and only a year later we lost
William, two of the sunniest-natured people I have ever known.  They had
much in common in their natures and because of this and that their deaths
followed so closely upon each other, they are inextricably linked in my
mind. Two empty spaces that can never be filled, though many try and
sometimes call up a ghostly reminder of the finest people I knew, by their
own similar natures.  Susan and Francesca are the ones that come
first to mind, but there are others.
    Kendra taught us all how to play, how to live, and how to die with
grace and acceptance.  She was the first friend I lost to death and it is
difficult for me to separate that fact from what she meant to this Barony
and all the SCA.  When I received the Kenmare, I cried.  I didn't cry at my
Laurelling.  I didn't cry at my Court Barony or at anything else I've
received.  But none of them was the Kenmare.
    A small coda: Kendra's husband Brian was present for the awards at
A few years after Kendra was gone, he married another lady of Caer du
Pard.  They had a daughter who turned two this past July.  Her name is
Margaret Kendra.
Sometimes I think I see Kendra again in her and I hope I'm right.  It
wouldn't do to lose her from us forever.  Watch this  child in the future
and see if I'm right.


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> As someone who never met Kendra Kenmare, I am interested in finding out
> who this person was and what they meant to Northkeep.
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