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Thanks for clearing that up Kevin.  I could never imagine Kendra as "Granny
Wolf" a Wolf yes, in fact I believe that's how Blackfox drew her.  All of
these words are good and have certainly sent me on a trip down a path I had
not explored for many years.  I have sure enjoyed these stories.


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> Kevin here, for once.
> One correction, a few corollaries, a few additions:
> Kendra wasn't Granny Wolf.  Granny Wolf was a persona Kendra wore, as she
> wore others over the years.  A persona she used as a part of one of the
> households of Northkeep:  Hravensfjord.  That persona and that household
> destroyed by a man I'll leave nameless, as part of a power-play that
> eventually failed anyway.  But Kendra lived on.
> Kay Gibson/Gnad was proud of her counterculture past.  She attended
> (but spent most of her time offsite), and one of her favorite stories
> involved once spotting Odin riding a Harley.  (He had a long gray beard
> an eye patch, his dog sure looked like a wolf, and there were two big
> flying overhead.)  She considered herself a not-fully-reformed hippy AND
> biker.  She swore she promised to make Brian both gray-haired and a
> grandfather before he was 30, and had.
> If you heard "Blood makes the grass grow!" shouted from the sidelines at a
> tourney or melee, odds are Kendra was there, urging some fighter to feats
> wild-eyed courage.  She knew it was a game, and felt it should be played
> the hilt, like any other.
> She was friendly and supportive, but I'm not sure I'd call her 'open'.
> Faith was a deep and abiding part of her, but she never expressed it in a
> anyone would notice unless they Looked.  (I remember seeing odd things and
> pointing them out to Keigan, who would smile gently at my ignorance and
> "Kendra was here.")
> But she was intensely loyal, and never to my knowledge compromised her
> or what she saw as her commitments in the slightest.  She preferred to
> in the background.  I think her time as Seneschal was possibly her
> least-enjoyed period.
> Oh, and she had a congenital inability to take directions and arrive at a
> destination.  We made jokes about her being lost again every time she was
> late, and then often as not she'd call from some (usually) nearby location
> and ask for new directions.
> She loved life, and lived it.  "If you're not having fun, you're not doing
> right," wasn't just a line to her, it was how she saw life and as nearly
> possible everything in it.
> She was a member of Caer du Pard, and Ravensfaire, and rode with the Dark
> Horde.  The households and guilds she joined counted themselves enriched,
> others courted her.  She inspired people to service, she inspired people
> kindness, she inspired people to forgiveness, but more than anything she
> inspired people to have FUN with what they did, or change it.
> Kevin
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