[Northkeep] Curious questions

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Tue Nov 27 17:21:26 PST 2001

Kevin here, for once.
One correction, a few corollaries, a few additions:
Kendra wasn't Granny Wolf.  Granny Wolf was a persona Kendra wore, as she
wore others over the years.  A persona she used as a part of one of the early
households of Northkeep:  Hravensfjord.  That persona and that household were
destroyed by a man I'll leave nameless, as part of a power-play that
eventually failed anyway.  But Kendra lived on.
Kay Gibson/Gnad was proud of her counterculture past.  She attended Woodstock
(but spent most of her time offsite), and one of her favorite stories
involved once spotting Odin riding a Harley.  (He had a long gray beard and
an eye patch, his dog sure looked like a wolf, and there were two big crows
flying overhead.)  She considered herself a not-fully-reformed hippy AND
biker.  She swore she promised to make Brian both gray-haired and a
grandfather before he was 30, and had.
If you heard "Blood makes the grass grow!" shouted from the sidelines at a
tourney or melee, odds are Kendra was there, urging some fighter to feats of
wild-eyed courage.  She knew it was a game, and felt it should be played to
the hilt, like any other.
She was friendly and supportive, but I'm not sure I'd call her 'open'.  Her
Faith was a deep and abiding part of her, but she never expressed it in a way
anyone would notice unless they Looked.  (I remember seeing odd things and
pointing them out to Keigan, who would smile gently at my ignorance and say
"Kendra was here.")
But she was intensely loyal, and never to my knowledge compromised her word
or what she saw as her commitments in the slightest.  She preferred to serve
in the background.  I think her time as Seneschal was possibly her
least-enjoyed period.
Oh, and she had a congenital inability to take directions and arrive at a
destination.  We made jokes about her being lost again every time she was
late, and then often as not she'd call from some (usually) nearby location
and ask for new directions.
She loved life, and lived it.  "If you're not having fun, you're not doing it
right," wasn't just a line to her, it was how she saw life and as nearly as
possible everything in it.
She was a member of Caer du Pard, and Ravensfaire, and rode with the Dark
Horde.  The households and guilds she joined counted themselves enriched, the
others courted her.  She inspired people to service, she inspired people to
kindness, she inspired people to forgiveness, but more than anything she
inspired people to have FUN with what they did, or change it.

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