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> As someone who never met Kendra Kenmare, I am interested in finding out
> who this person was and what they meant to Northkeep.
> Jean Paul de Sens

Two quick stories:

       As someone mentioned she was sometimes called "Granny Wolf".  Shortly
after I started we were at a revel and I shortened the name to 'Granny'.  She
grabbed me by the back of the head, (I had hair then) and planted a kiss on
me that  curled my toes up, then said, "I bet your granny doesn't kiss like
that."  Then went back to her conversation.
       Kendra had picked out the music for her Memorial service.  As we were
waiting for the service to begin, feeling sad as you do on those occasions,
the music caught my attention.  It was the opening notes of Queen's song,
"Who Want's To Live Forever?"  I couldn't help but smile and I noticed that
several other people had the same reaction.  Even then she was making us
smile.  The memorial service wasn't like anything else I had ever
experienced, but then niether was Kendra.


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