[Northkeep] Belly Dancers!

Shirley Roper vivatthedream at home.com
Fri Nov 30 15:12:51 PST 2001

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  We will miss it too, Kit has lost my keys so we are housebound.  Peg is off
  for the weekend, but hope you have a good turn out and she has a good
  time.  I hope that Jim will make it with us on Monday, food is always a
  good way to get him out of the house, as he has a Dr appointment on Tuesday.

  Being housebound is a bummer, whether you're missing something special or not.  Hope your keys turn up soon.  Let me know if you need a lift anywhere.  Looking forward to seeing Jim again.

  Looking forward to Monday night, and the full menu,

  I just spoke to May (at Superstar), and they are in full swing and looking forward to seeing us all again.


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