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Kevinkeary@aol.com Kevinkeary at aol.com
Fri Nov 30 22:12:30 PST 2001

Keigan here on Kevin's account, because that is the one that is subscribed,
and that is how things have to work now.

It's taken a few days to work up to writing this.  You were right Belle, it
does still bring up tears.  Kendra has been gone 6 years but it seems like
just yesterday most of the time, she was one of my best friends for a long

She would be so pleased to hear how highly everyone thought of her but quite
amused as well to hear how 'saintly' she has become . ;P  She was a very
wonderful person but hardly perfect and quite quick to point that out.  (She
hated pressure. ;P)  She just enjoyed life whenever and wherever she could.
She was very much a Southern Lady, alway as polite as was needed but didn't
let something that needed saying go unsaid.  However she never missed a
chance for mischief either.  She seemed to smile most of the time, but I was
always convinced it was to make people wonder what she was up to.

Actually anytime I start down the road of putting her on a pedestal in my
memory it seems I hear Cole or JP(Thistle and Wyborn's boy) in the kitchen
burping their name or the alphabet.  Guess where they learned THAT!!! Yup at
the event Kelandra was talking about where she met Ian.  I was busy cleaning
up the dishes when I hear Kendra calling the boys over.  I figured as 3 year
olds they were up to mischeif and she was going to get after them, but then I
hear, "Aunty Kay has something to teach you, here, take in a big deep breath,
yeah like that....."  By the time I realized what she was up to it was too
late!  She was always quite pleased with herself over that.

People always talk about chocolate and how she liked it, but her real love
was cheesecake.  You'll have to ask some of the guys who were around then
about her eating cheesecake for them, cause I don't think I am allowed to
write things like that here where underage people can read them.

Most people have said they never saw her angry, well, she may not have shown
it much in public, but she got that way.  Not as often as some, and she hated
to show it, but it happened.  She just refused to let it complicate her life.
 That meant that either the person she was angry with ( and they usually
deserved it) had won or that the anger had won and she wasn't going to let
that happen.  She wasn't a quitter, EVER!  She always prefered simplicity and
that is what she strived to acheive.  Anger just got in the way of that.

  She went barefoot most of the time, kept her close to the earth, just
simple, but so beautiful from the inside out.  Her eyes were so much the
window to her soul.  I wish you could have seen them, you would have truly
known who she was thru them I think.  There is just too much to tell you
here, catch me sometime at an event, late while I have something to drink and
I'll fill you in more if you want.  Tho I have probably said more than any
one wanted already.

I never had a sister, Kendra was my chosen sister and I could not have chosen
any better if I had auditioned them first!  And I can hear her plain as day
now saying  " I don't know what all this fuss is about, I am just a normal,
harmless, middleaged Mom".  Don't let her fool you.  :P


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