[Northkeep] Union Demos this week

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri Oct 5 16:01:18 PDT 2001

Wow, are you all good.  First thing, we really need to find Catin a job
locally.  She was incredible.  She moved people around and handled the
questions and it was great.  Now to find her a job locally so we can keep
her in Northkeep. Yosh did wonderful justice to his inclusion to the
Companions of the Order of the Iris of Merit, his talks on metalworking
were incredible.  Lothar and Liudrik were great out doing Youth Rapier with
Yosh marshalling.  I hope to see a class on dramatic insults and deaths
soon, it will be fun to watch if nothing else.  Xenos and Winfryth were
great out with their axes and answers to many of the leather and fighting
questions.  The kids seemed to remember quiet alot about this from Ainar's
visit on Wednesday.  Lynn had them excieted with all of the facts of daily
life and how people lived, expecially food.  Geniveve (I am butchering this
as I can't remember if it was this of Guinivere or something similier but
different from both and couldn't find you on the members page) was
delightful and got some great on the job training in marshaling.  Marta was
quietly over on the side with her luset making cord and had many people

We had several of the teachers who were interested in the group and I
encouraged them to check out the web site and also to come out to the demo
in Thalequah on November the 3rd.  I hope we can get a large number of our
people out for this and bring even more into our fair barony.  This was
definatly wonderful and I look forward to future demos.

Susan the Curious
Barony of Northkeep
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

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