[Northkeep] Union Demos this week

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Susan - I spoke with HE Maleah last night.  She accidentally deleted the
e-mail you originally sent out about the demo in Tahlequah.  Would you
please send it to her again?  Her e-mail addy is maleah at mmcable.com


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> Wow, are you all good.  First thing, we really need to find Catin a job
> locally.  She was incredible.  She moved people around and handled the
> questions and it was great.  Now to find her a job locally so we can keep
> her in Northkeep. Yosh did wonderful justice to his inclusion to the
> Companions of the Order of the Iris of Merit, his talks on metalworking
> were incredible.  Lothar and Liudrik were great out doing Youth Rapier
> Yosh marshalling.  I hope to see a class on dramatic insults and deaths
> soon, it will be fun to watch if nothing else.  Xenos and Winfryth were
> great out with their axes and answers to many of the leather and fighting
> questions.  The kids seemed to remember quiet alot about this from Ainar's
> visit on Wednesday.  Lynn had them excieted with all of the facts of daily
> life and how people lived, expecially food.  Geniveve (I am butchering
> as I can't remember if it was this of Guinivere or something similier but
> different from both and couldn't find you on the members page) was
> delightful and got some great on the job training in marshaling.  Marta
> quietly over on the side with her luset making cord and had many people
> facinated.
> We had several of the teachers who were interested in the group and I
> encouraged them to check out the web site and also to come out to the demo
> in Thalequah on November the 3rd.  I hope we can get a large number of our
> people out for this and bring even more into our fair barony.  This was
> definatly wonderful and I look forward to future demos.
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