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Jerry and Teresa Herring herring at rectec.net
Mon Oct 8 20:39:48 PDT 2001

First thank you to Diarmaid for doing his job and doing it well, Second.
Thank you to those of you in the Barony who did the right thing and stayed
calm during this issue, thirdly to Ainar and Mercedes I am sorry you had to
face this so soon I have faith that you will do a fine jog as Baron and
Baroness, and lastly to the person or persons who posted anonymously please
here my words as Seneschal:

I can honestly say that I am disappointed in you, who ever you are.
If you were a member of this group you would have openly approached those
that you had an issue with and dealt with them face to face, not in this
manner. Since you don't use the rules that everyone with in the Barony
understands as the process to follow for such troubles. You tried to trip
things up and it just isn't going to happen.
The Barony of Northkeep ROCKS!
This is a fun place, the people here work hard, they play hard, and they
pour everything they have into making this Barony a shining example within
the SCA. You have shown your colors and not your face. This Barony is not
going to listen to anyone who does not have the courage to stand up in the
open and say their piece. Here we have the courage and honor to be adult
enough to be civil. You are obviously not a part of this Barony...you have
sought to harm us and failed. Your words have not ruined anyone's fun. In
the future if you want to be taken seriously try using an open and honest

Here are some facts for you ...
1. There are no missing funds. If there were I think that I would know and
that some one higher up the SCA food chain would be letting me know that we
had a problem. The Barony's books are public record if you want to go
through the process of auditing them please feel free to get with Mercedes.

2. The popular vote is the populace's tool for advisement to the crown...we
do not ever see or hear the results of that poll because it is for the eyes
and ears of the crown, they can then use that information as they wish to
make a decision.

3. The Issues with Thorgrim and Sigen are over and done. There is no
investigation, no place on the BOD's meeting agenda. Sigen asked last month
that people let them go. If you do not do that then you really must not have
respected them or their wishes.

4. People in this Barony are tired of the petty games. Northkeep only has
one game in mind: to have fun together and continue to make this Barony a
center for fun. If you aren't up on that game then please go play somewhere

If you Mr. Joe Smith have any real integrity then come out from the shadows
and be a man...face the people of this Barony in person  with your proof in
hand... If you can not do this have the courage of your convictions, the
honor to face us openly, and the grace to admit when you are wrong.

Now that said lets move on...Cause we can do that...I think we have shown
that we can. Northkeep is so about having fun and making sure that others
have fun too...we are gearing up for one of the best events we have ever
thrown our Baronial investiture. We are preparing our selves by openly
attending events all over the kingdom flying our colors, fighting, feasting,
and in general having a good time at every event we can.

Hey don't forget to show up on the 20th for the regional Fighter practice.
It promises to be blast!

Laird Ian Dun Gillan
Seneschal Northkeep

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