[Northkeep] A slightly different situation...from a newcomers POV

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Hi there, I'm a newcomer and felt that I should comment. My lord and I have been welcomed with open arms by the fighting community, and everyone else. Everyone is also very accepting of my high energy children (which is a blessing, let me tell you). Lord Lucan's lady (who's SCA name I can not think of) practically steals my youngest
ever Wed. night that we attend fighter practice, allowing me to concentrate on what I need to be doing (poking Jim in the side and saying you need to armor up and try this).
I WAS at the Faire this weekend, Jim and I helped the fighters w/ water, and fetch and carry (weapons) and we were GLAD to do it. And everyone was great w/ Krys...the child of a billion questions and endless energy. I do remeber someone asking if anyone from Moonshadow was there, and one of the fighters said something IN JEST, with a laugh. And then he clarified that he hadn't seen anyone from Moonshadow. (If I spelled it wrong, I'm sorry).
Everyone has been very patient w/ us, and very informative. It may be because I have an odd sense of humor that I pick up when people are JESTING rather than being serious, as, in my opinion, what happened there. There were several fighting demos....throughout the day, this person happened by right after they had fought down on the Jousting List, and we were having LUNCH. There were several people who were talking to the crowd, who knew MUCH more about the SCA than I do (I hardly feel qualified to answer someones questions). I was there being a sponge. (I'm sorry, I don't know everyone's name yet. Wynfryth's lady was acting as marshal/crowd.)

I'm truly sorry this person took what was said in a bad light (and I can't remember exactly, only that it was in jest). From what I gathered from the crowds at the Faire, we were much liked.

Vivat the dream,
Amanda Wallace

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I must say that though I have felt a little distant the past several months.
I have never seen that kind of behavior exhibited.  that is not to say it
did or doesn't happen.  Everyone has been pretty accessable or within reach
for me, when I approach.

yes there are those that have their own little groups of friends, but I
don't think most of us "avoid" others intentionally.

Oh, and as far as being distant.....that's my fault.
I will gladly speak when spoken to and make conversation.  Just have been
caught up in my own little world.  I do look forward to margrave and
Baronial investiture.  they are penciled in and written in stone!

NK historian/librarian

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