[Northkeep] Revel on the 20th

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Actually, anyone who is subscribed to any list on the Ansteorran server
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That's its purpose, to prevent the massive cross-posting.

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> >Angus, I posted my information a few mins. prior to Karl posting that
> >there would be Heavy fighting along with the Light on the 20th at
> >time there was no mention of a Revel.  This is the first I have heard
> >a different Revel.  We were planning this to welcome Ainar and
> >in as our new Baron and Baroness not even realizing it was the day of
> >regional fighter practice.  So please get info straight before
> >someone rude.
> >
> >Jessamy
> I think the problem came from the fact that Karl's announcement with
> details was on the Ansteorra-announce list and not to the Northkeep
> list.  He posted it on Sat, 06 Oct 2001 18:20:13 -0500, but those not
> that list hadn't seen it.  I think that is why the question was asked
> following the announcement of the Rapier practice, was there also a
> one.
> Now to sort out what is happening,
> Susan
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