[Northkeep] A slightly different situation.

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Wed Oct 10 13:39:29 PDT 2001

Dairmid, is this the Alexandros mundanely known as Craig, an old friend of
mine from way back? If so, please give him my e-mail address.  I would like
to get in touch with him.
If not, never mind...

>From: Marc Carlson <marc-carlson at utulsa.edu>
>Reply-To: northkeep at ansteorra.org
>To: northkeep at ansteorra.org
>Subject: [Northkeep] A slightly different situation.
>Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 08:51:53 -0500
>Over the past weekend, there was a completely unrelated set of messages
>that appeared on the Mooneschadowe list regarding how some people seem to
>be presenting Northkeep elsewhere.   I offered to forward his words here,
>and he accepted.  I have edited out the the material from his messages that
>do not have anything to do with this point.
>I don't present this as a complaint, or to ridicule anyone -- rather I
>think it's a good heads-up about how other people can sometimes see us.
>Even if the people he spoke with thought they were joking or whatever --
>this is how we are being received.  If that doesn't bother you, well - it
>doesn't.  Personally, I have enough trouble with people who clearly don't
>know me, and can't be bothered to get to know me, ascribing BS actions and
>motivations to me that I'm a little sensitive about the topic.
>Again, I'm not being critical - the past is over, this perception exists at
>least some places.  What can we do to mend that?
>BTW, the reason his address doesn't appear is that the Mooneschadowe
>archives don't show full addresses, and in forwarding mail to myself last
>night to do this, I mislaid it.  I will send his address to the list the
>first chance I get.
> >From:  "Caius Fabius" <SPQR_HQ at h...>
> >Date:  Sat Oct 6, 2001  8:27 pm
> >Subject:  King Arthur Faire special
> >
> >Special King Arthut Faire Del for Mooneshadowe.
> >
> >I was talking to the "SCA" people at the King Arthur Fair today.  90%
>were from Northkeep.  I asked about my friends from Mooneshadoe, and I was
>told that the Northkeep people had not given them "permission" to
> >
> >Hello??? Since when did Mooneshadow need Northkeep's permission to do
>anything fun?????
> >
> >Geez!  Any way, I talked to the director of the fair and he said ANY SCA
>member who shows proof of membership can get in for 1/2 price...
> >
> >Caius Fabius
> >aka Alexandros Dietrich vom dem Einhornwald.
> >---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >From:  SPQR_HQ at h...
> >Date:  Mon Oct 8, 2001  5:34 pm
> >Subject:  Re: King Arthur Faire special
> >
> >> PS Caius, I have heard no such rumor that we were not "allowed".  And
>really,  I hear
> >> almost everything. I am skeptical about your source of rumor. We are on
> >> terms with Northkeep. And to my knowledge we get invited to the Faire
>every year.
> >> What taverns have you been frequenting to get your news?   :-)
> >
> >If you must know, I was at the "SCA" area, and the (an unnamed barony's)
>group was pretty sure that Mooneshadowe was 1. not invited, 2. wouldn't
>come even if they were, and a few other like comments.
> >Some guy with less hair than I have was the most noisy, and mentioned
>that he had posted the Faire information to the SCA Northern area website.
>He asked me if I would like to know more about the SCA and
> >if I would consider joining... I fortunately remembered that I had
>somewhere else to be, (anywhere was better than staying and saying what I
>was thinking).
> >.......
> >I think it is rather nice that they give a 50% discount to paid SCA
>members anyway, but there were plenty of visitors in attempts at garb.  I
>guess the thing I saw, as a wandered the fair as a "player" and other
>various jobs, was that the "Official SCA (un-named group)" went off in a
>corner, rarely mingled with the fair goers, and were so closed away that
>they didn't encourage questions, visitors or even anyone they didn't know
>to interact.  Maybe it was just that group (which shall be nameless).  Also
>their campground was even more
> >primitive and non-period than any other area that I noticed.  If I had
>been a newbie, I would not have had any interest in that group.  (Notice I
>did not specifically say they were RUDE!)
> >
> >The few SCA members from Namron, Wiesenfeuer, and Mooneshadowe who
>day-tripped and helped out and got involved were a credit to our
> >
> >Caius Fabius
> >---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >From:  "Caius Fabius" <SPQR_HQ at h...>
> >Date:  Tue Oct 9, 2001  9:42 am
> >Subject:  Grow some guts? No humor!
> >
> >>This is so ridiculous that I can barely stomach it. I gues from this
> >>forward whenever something off the hip is to be said it should be
> >>by someone carrying a huge banner that says HUMOR TO FOLLOW. By the way,
>if you
> >>wish to disparage the Barony in which I live and the people for who I
> >>care......do it without your petty "subtle" references to Northkeep and
> >>people. In short, grow some guts.
> >>Lord Angus Macdhaid Gunn
> >>Margrave of Runedel
> >>Squire to Sir Alreck Kanin
> >>Member of Alton's Company
> >>Former Mooneschadeen.
> >
> >Fine:  I will be explicit.
> >Some people who weren't in Northkeep 10 years ago, or who I never got to
>meet personally, were at the King Arthur thing.  I have been in the SCA for
>a few years, and even had one or two minor positions in Mooneshadow for a
>short time.  I have worked one or two demos and even helped with a tiny
>event or two.
> >
> >I wandered into the "SCA encampment" while wearing my Roman garb, and
>greeted the people sitting around.  The folks who had set up a building and
>provided a fire at the front gate to the site were very nice and had talked
>to several of the customers about the SCA.  I was impressed with their
>courtesy and friendliness.  I believe they were from the new canton in
> >
> >I wandered back into the rest of the "SCA area" and was immediately asked
>in a rude way, "What are you doing here?".  I said I was looking around for
>people I might know from the SCA.  The reply was "Where are you from?" I
>said (truthfully) Shawnee, Oklahoma.  The reply was "We're from Tulsa", and
>backs were turned.  I asked if there were any people from Mooneshadow
>around.  I was told 1. Mooneshadow was not invited, 2. the wouldn't come
>anyway, 3. they (Mooneshadow) were too busy having four meetings a week to
>attend anything that they didn't sponsor, and 4. It would be a shame if
>anything interfered with their dance practise.
> >
> >I wasn't going to be so explicit, but if you are from Northkeep, maybe
>you should find out who has the attitude and is giving it away free to
>people they don't know.   I get upset anytime people talk badly about
>Moonshadow, even though I don't seem to have many ties there anymore.  And
>I don't appreciate rudeness in people who are representing the SCA to the
> >
> >Caius Fabius
> >once known as
> >Alexandros Dietrich
> >(and a couple of other names)
> >
> >From:  "Caius Fabius" <SPQR_HQ at h...>
> >Date:  Tue Oct 9, 2001  9:59 am
> >Subject:  Hotels, Not humor, apology
> >
> >....I must say I had three items on my agenda, ...3. To complain about
>the way the few people from the Barony of Northkeep were talking down
> >
> >
> >I probably should go to the Northkeep list to make such complaints.  Does
>anyone have the seneshal's email address?  I just hope and pray it wasn't
>someone official from the Barony that was acting that way.
>Caius Fabius wrote:
> >
> > You are welcoem to post my comments, or send them to your senesghal or
> > vicar. I really don't need another list, I just want to see a better
> > interaction with people who are demo'ing the SCA to the public.
> >
> > I especially don't like people "dissing" other SCA groups to non-SCA
> > or people they don't know! It's even worse, since they knew I was
> > with the fair. The people there had no way of knowing who they were
> > to and the comments were not helpful.
> >
> > just my opinion, obviously
> >
> > Caius Fabius
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