[Northkeep] Revel on the 20th

Stephanie Drake steldr at home.net
Wed Oct 10 11:42:48 PDT 2001

Hey guys -

 Ainar has a daughter.  I know you all don't see her much.  Well, neither do
we.  The weekend of the 20th is the first time he will have her for the
weekend since Sept 22nd.  In all honesty, we were kind of looking forward to
a weekend off.  But, we will be at fighter practice until about 2:00.
Britney is cheering at a football game that afternoon so after that we will
be going to watch her.  We will not be able to make Oktoberfest that night
but we will stop by Dirgelion's for a little while on our way home.  Revel's
are wonderful things and they can bring people together.  Please just enjoy
yourself wherever you decide to go and remember that people are watching us,
all of us.  Let's try to show them our best  faces.  Like Diarmaid said,
take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if this is the face you want the
world to see.  Looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday.  Also, don't
forget that Officer's Meeting is that Sunday, the 21st with an Investiture
planning meeting beforehand.


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