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Here  is Frank's Original message...just to help clarify where Angus is
coming from.


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  Howdy all, here is the October installment of War Practices for the
Northern Region. Saturday October 20th in the Barony of Northkeep.

  Practice will be held at Woodward Park starting at 12:00pm sharp
(not SCA time). Practice will run until 5:00pm or people are to tired to
play. We will be working on Shield VS Poll Tactics(come on Fray).
Post party at 7:00pm to be held at Tulsa Octoberfest. After a day of
fighting and dehydration we will drink heavily and feel stupid the next day
if not earlier.

  Directions: Take best route to Tulsa, Oklahoma(mapquest). The park is at
21st and Peoria. There is one road through the park and we will be in the
middle. Good shade, but it won't be needed. Hope to see someone who is not a
Northern fighter there and hope to see ALL Northern Region fighters(not
going to Bjornsburg).

Ld. Karl Hungus
Northern Regional Warlord

"Those who seek Darkness shall find it...those who do not shall have it
thrust upon them."

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