[Northkeep] A slightly different situation...IT WAS ME

Angus Mac angusmacn at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 10 15:30:41 PDT 2001

 I offended some one.
Now for my side of the story...
we arrived late we were in a hurry to unload and do
our thing. The gate-guard( A blackfox Sized fellow in
poorly done roman armor) ask if I knew Chuck McKnight.
Yes I do know Sir Jonnathan Macknaughton, he moved to
texas and cannot fight any longer, medical reasons I
think.... Oh I cant fight any longer I broke my
neck.......I left politely...
he showed up agian at camp he asked about moonshadow.

we joked about thier weekly
quilting circle
brewers guild
dance guild
animal husbandry guild
breakfast club
bridge club
bunko circle
meeting planning committy
and so on
we may have said they were not invited, but it was
obvious humor. there is not much subtle about me if I
am joking it is pretty clear.
this man has a stick in his craw because i did not
allow him to thrill and impress me with his tails of
old glory " Back in the Day". which he tried to do

I was very social when I spoke to the wandering crowds
and to most of the people in the camp Middleguard was
nice enough to set up for us.

As for my actions I will not appologize I did nothing
out of the ordinary for me. god knows I am not

Moonshadow, in my books, is the breading grounds of
some of the finest and most talented folks this region
has to offer. could it be all the meetings, i dont
know. they play a different game than do I and that is
ok. and if anyone feels they cannot go some where or
attend some thing just because I did not invite them,
they need to take a Angus-101 it is a simple class.

Angus Macknochard
Anda Great Dark Horde
Dionader Northkeep
Altons Company

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