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    Jolly nice to hear from you, Kieran!  Thanks for the quote, but let me
update from the perspective of age (when is it supposed to give me patience and
Everybody IS somebody...but, we decide for ourselves what kind of somebody to
be.  Not just once, but every day and sometimes several times a day.  People can
reinvent themselves, if they want to...for good or ill.
    In the face of poor health and other stuff too boring to mention, I have
decided to be FABULOUS.  We can all be fabulous!

Catrin, Her Fabness by whim

Jack Skinner wrote:

>  Plus ca change, Diarmaid.  Northkeep has ever had to deal with the pit
> Chihuahuas nipping at its heels.  As to those from the Barony who exhibited
> such gauche behavior, as HE Mistress Catrin hath oft quoted, some people
> "think" they're somebody.
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> From: Marc Carlson [mailto:marc-carlson at utulsa.edu]
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> Subject: [Northkeep] A slightly different situation.
> Over the past weekend, there was a completely unrelated set of messages that
> appeared on the Mooneschadowe list regarding how some people seem to be
> presenting Northkeep elsewhere.   I offered to forward his words here, and
> he accepted.  I have edited out the the material from his messages that do
> not have anything to do with this point.
> I don't present this as a complaint, or to ridicule anyone -- rather I think
> it's a good heads-up about how other people can sometimes see us.  Even if
> the people he spoke with thought they were joking or whatever -- this is how
> we are being received.  If that doesn't bother you, well - it doesn't.
> Personally, I have enough trouble with people who clearly don't know me, and
> can't be bothered to get to know me, ascribing BS actions and motivations to
> me that I'm a little sensitive about the topic.
> Again, I'm not being critical - the past is over, this perception exists at
> least some places.  What can we do to mend that?
> BTW, the reason his address doesn't appear is that the Mooneschadowe
> archives don't show full addresses, and in forwarding mail to myself last
> night to do this, I mislaid it.  I will send his address to the list the
> first chance I get.
> Marc/Diarmaid
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> >From:  "Caius Fabius" <SPQR_HQ at h...>
> >Date:  Sat Oct 6, 2001  8:27 pm
> >Subject:  King Arthur Faire special
> >
> >Special King Arthut Faire Del for Mooneshadowe.
> >
> >I was talking to the "SCA" people at the King Arthur Fair today.  90% were
> from Northkeep.  I asked about my friends from Mooneshadoe, and I was told
> that the Northkeep people had not given them "permission" to attend????????
> >
> >Hello??? Since when did Mooneshadow need Northkeep's permission to do
> anything fun?????
> >
> >Geez!  Any way, I talked to the director of the fair and he said ANY SCA
> member who shows proof of membership can get in for 1/2 price...
> >
> >Caius Fabius
> >aka Alexandros Dietrich vom dem Einhornwald.
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> >From:  SPQR_HQ at h...
> >Date:  Mon Oct 8, 2001  5:34 pm
> >Subject:  Re: King Arthur Faire special
> >
> >> PS Caius, I have heard no such rumor that we were not "allowed".  And
> really,  I hear
> >> almost everything. I am skeptical about your source of rumor. We are on
> excellent
> >> terms with Northkeep. And to my knowledge we get invited to the Faire
> every year.
> >> What taverns have you been frequenting to get your news?   :-)
> >
> >If you must know, I was at the "SCA" area, and the (an unnamed barony's)
> group was pretty sure that Mooneshadowe was 1. not invited, 2. wouldn't come
> even if they were, and a few other like comments.
> >Some guy with less hair than I have was the most noisy, and mentioned that
> he had posted the Faire information to the SCA Northern area website.  He
> asked me if I would like to know more about the SCA and
> >if I would consider joining... I fortunately remembered that I had
> somewhere else to be, (anywhere was better than staying and saying what I
> was thinking).
> >.......
> >I think it is rather nice that they give a 50% discount to paid SCA members
> anyway, but there were plenty of visitors in attempts at garb.  I guess the
> thing I saw, as a wandered the fair as a "player" and other various jobs,
> was that the "Official SCA (un-named group)" went off in a corner, rarely
> mingled with the fair goers, and were so closed away that they didn't
> encourage questions, visitors or even anyone they didn't know to interact.
> Maybe it was just that group (which shall be nameless).  Also their
> campground was even more
> >primitive and non-period than any other area that I noticed.  If I had been
> a newbie, I would not have had any interest in that group.  (Notice I did
> not specifically say they were RUDE!)
> >
> >The few SCA members from Namron, Wiesenfeuer, and Mooneshadowe who
> day-tripped and helped out and got involved were a credit to our
> organization.
> >
> >Caius Fabius
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> >From:  "Caius Fabius" <SPQR_HQ at h...>
> >Date:  Tue Oct 9, 2001  9:42 am
> >Subject:  Grow some guts? No humor!
> >
> >>This is so ridiculous that I can barely stomach it. I gues from this point
> >>forward whenever something off the hip is to be said it should be
> preceeded
> >>by someone carrying a huge banner that says HUMOR TO FOLLOW. By the way,
> if you
> >>wish to disparage the Barony in which I live and the people for who I
> >>care......do it without your petty "subtle" references to Northkeep and
> its
> >>people. In short, grow some guts.
> >>Lord Angus Macdhaid Gunn
> >>Margrave of Runedel
> >>Squire to Sir Alreck Kanin
> >>Member of Alton's Company
> >>Former Mooneschadeen.
> >
> >Fine:  I will be explicit.
> >Some people who weren't in Northkeep 10 years ago, or who I never got to
> meet personally, were at the King Arthur thing.  I have been in the SCA for
> a few years, and even had one or two minor positions in Mooneshadow for a
> short time.  I have worked one or two demos and even helped with a tiny
> event or two.
> >
> >I wandered into the "SCA encampment" while wearing my Roman garb, and
> greeted the people sitting around.  The folks who had set up a building and
> provided a fire at the front gate to the site were very nice and had talked
> to several of the customers about the SCA.  I was impressed with their
> courtesy and friendliness.  I believe they were from the new canton in
> Stroud.
> >
> >I wandered back into the rest of the "SCA area" and was immediately asked
> in a rude way, "What are you doing here?".  I said I was looking around for
> people I might know from the SCA.  The reply was "Where are you from?" I
> said (truthfully) Shawnee, Oklahoma.  The reply was "We're from Tulsa", and
> backs were turned.  I asked if there were any people from Mooneshadow
> around.  I was told 1. Mooneshadow was not invited, 2. the wouldn't come
> anyway, 3. they (Mooneshadow) were too busy having four meetings a week to
> attend anything that they didn't sponsor, and 4. It would be a shame if
> anything interfered with their dance practise.
> >
> >I wasn't going to be so explicit, but if you are from Northkeep, maybe you
> should find out who has the attitude and is giving it away free to people
> they don't know.   I get upset anytime people talk badly about Moonshadow,
> even though I don't seem to have many ties there anymore.  And I don't
> appreciate rudeness in people who are representing the SCA to the public.
> >
> >Caius Fabius
> >once known as
> >Alexandros Dietrich
> >(and a couple of other names)
> >
> >From:  "Caius Fabius" <SPQR_HQ at h...>
> >Date:  Tue Oct 9, 2001  9:59 am
> >Subject:  Hotels, Not humor, apology
> >
> >....I must say I had three items on my agenda, ...3. To complain about the
> way the few people from the Barony of Northkeep were talking down
> Mooneshadow.
> >
> >
> >I probably should go to the Northkeep list to make such complaints.  Does
> anyone have the seneshal's email address?  I just hope and pray it wasn't
> someone official from the Barony that was acting that way.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Caius Fabius wrote:
> >
> > You are welcoem to post my comments, or send them to your senesghal or
> > vicar. I really don't need another list, I just want to see a better
> > interaction with people who are demo'ing the SCA to the public.
> >
> > I especially don't like people "dissing" other SCA groups to non-SCA
> people
> > or people they don't know! It's even worse, since they knew I was working
> > with the fair. The people there had no way of knowing who they were
> talking
> > to and the comments were not helpful.
> >
> > just my opinion, obviously
> >
> > Caius Fabius
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