[Northkeep] Blood of Heroes...

Dennis England sirbalvin at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 21 21:15:57 PDT 2001

Sounds like a lot of fun!  I would like to maybe head down there with you
all.  I have a lot of old friends in Calontir.  Maybe next year we won't
have a northern regional practice opposite.  So those of us who are trying
to support their local groups can go too;-)

What do you think Centurion?


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> Was everything I hoped it would be and more!!!  I am currently huddled
> up here with my computer, hoping that my blessedly sore muscles will be
> able to go lift weights in the morning.
> Asoph and I were very fortunate to get onto BD Rory's team.  They had a
> great team, and we had an awesome time fighting.  Fighting started @
> 11:00 am and ended around 5:00 pm.  In a manner similar to NK's Drighton
> and Provost lists, it was always better to get directly back in line
> when you were done fighting.
> The fighting was hard, fast, brutal (the person playing quick is ALWAYS
> engaged with everybody), and fun.  The Calontir were great hosts, and
> plied us with food, drink, and good company at the post-revel.
> Asoph and I will be going back next year, and we hope to take a BIG team
> (you need it) with us next time.
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