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The 1.5" is for tourney weapons and the 2" is for fighter practice.  We are pulping swords in about 6 months in fp, so need sturdy stock (we shave the handles down).  We are also looking for basket hilts (not wire) for the practice equipment.  Anyway, put me down for two sticks!  Thank you!
Bianca Sereni
mka Sjonna

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Most of the sticks will be between 9 and 12 foot.  I expect more
clusters towards the 9'.  As far as the diameter, are you sure you want
1.5" to 2"?  I can't get my hand around something with a 2 inch diameter
well enough to swing it as a weapon.

The price will be less than $20.  Exact price depends on how many I


Carl Chipman
Nomadics, Inc.
cchipman at nomadics.com

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