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Mon Oct 22 12:06:39 PDT 2001

Um, we need to talk, although pulping a stick in six months is not
unregular, a better alternative to the super-heavy sticks (1.5" is about
the MAXIMUM I'd make any of my swords) would using Siloflex swords for
Even shaved down, a 2" stick is going to be extremely (and in my opinion
overly) heavy.

I should be @ Tulsa FP Wednesday.

Jean Paul

Carl Chipman
Nomadics, Inc.
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> The 1.5" is for tourney weapons and the 2" is for fighter practice.
> are pulping swords in about 6 months in fp, so need sturdy stock (we
> the handles down).  We are also looking for basket hilts (not wire)
> the practice equipment.  Anyway, put me down for two sticks!  Thank
> Bianca Sereni
> mka Sjonna
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> Most of the sticks will be between 9 and 12 foot.  I expect more
> clusters towards the 9'.  As far as the diameter, are you sure you
> 1.5" to 2"?  I can't get my hand around something with a 2 inch
> well enough to swing it as a weapon.
> The price will be less than $20.  Exact price depends on how many I
> order.
> JP
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