[Northkeep] Last Minute Check for Djonader

Jerry and Teresa Herring herring at rectec.net
Thu Sep 6 20:30:15 PDT 2001


We wont need the entire Baronial Trailer out at the Park Saturday. We will
need all the sun shades, folding tables and banners that people can bring. I
will have a map and directions to the revel available at the demo.

The Revel is starting around 7 or 8 at Angus and Cianna's afterwards.
Everyone needs to bring their own chairs, drinks (ice)and bring snacks to
share with the populace.  There will not be any "dinner" so people will need
to eat BEFORE they get there....but snacks are always a good thing for
munching on.

We will be staying at Mary's tomorrow night in Tulsa so we can get stuff
like the List field out of the trailer.

If you need to talk with us about anything I will be up till midnight
tonight and you can reach me at work tomorrow. Call  (918) 824-1159 and ask
for Jerry. Other wise I will see you all on Saturday!

Vir in Iunctus,
Kindest regards,

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